Following on from the official launch of the PEN PA-EPI in Brussels earlier this summer. The following report on results from the PA-EPI conducted in Ireland were presented by researchers from the University of Limerick at a dissemination event in Kilmainham Dublin on the 25th of August 2022. The report provides information on the research underpinning the development of the PA-EPI as well as the results of the first study to utilise the PA-EPI for physical activity policy research.

PEN Irish PA-EPI Dissemination Brochure_Final 25th August 2022

Also presented at the event was research, undertaken by public health scientists at University College Cork which investigated food policy in Ireland This research was conducted the Food EPI tool which inspired the development of the PA-EPI.

Present at the event were representatives from the Department of Health, the HSE, Sport Ireland as well as NGOs and other organisations concerned with the policy problem of physical inactivity.